Get clients on social media while having fun with your posts! 


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Only a few years ago I used to hate posting on social media - it always felt like a chore. 

It all changed when I started posting my drawings. Now I get not only more engagement, but ... clients find and hire me. 

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Posting simple sketches is fun, and they help you stand out. With my minicourse you will be able illustrate your posts with friendly faces - within 10 minutes! 

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But drawing alone isn't enough. Once you have your potential customers' attention, they will check out your profile. 

A good  social media profile expresses your brand in a nutshell.

My visual Linkedin recipe will help you to communicate your message, so your clients will book without blinking! Btw - You can translate it  to your other social media profiles, your website, and everything.  

You seriously have one of the best nurture sequences I've ever seen. No lie! I'm staying on this list!! :) 
Katie L., copywriter

The only newsletter that I actually open and read every time 
Gitte R., consultant

I save all your mails.
Inge H., coach

The combination of images and words is what I love. Spacious. Focused on the essence. Thank you.
Reni L., coach

I like that you don't waste my time
Anonymous, engineer