Big illustration Bundle

The BIG illustration bundle with all my drawing classes! 

With this bundle, you get access to 

  • Simple Illustration
    A fast and easy introduction. Can be done in a few hours! 
  • Visual Thinkers' Library
    Lots and lots of video workshops, updated regularly - and you can request topics!
  • Find your Style
    Fun exercises to find your style for visual storytelling
  • Drawing on the iPad
    The basics of digital drawing - mostly about my favorite apps, Concepts and Procreate. 
    Upcoming in 2023:  Midjourney app: Enhance your scribbles with artificial intelligence
  • Visual Frameworks
    If you need to explain what you do in your business, or any abstract concept. 
  • Sketching for Social media
    Stand out by using hand-drawn visuals. 
  •  Dream-Draw-Do course
  • Live meetings with workshops and feedback rounds!

Purchasing the bundle makes you a member of the Visual Thinkers' Business Club, with (at least) 10 live workshops for Q&A and feedback on your drawings.

You can read more here

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