Find Your Style

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Are you a visual thinker and love sketchnotes, doodling and drawing?

Maybe you have already taken a course in graphic facilitation, and you know how fun it is to illustrate your notes and lists with stick figures and lightbulbs. 

Your next step would be to illustrate your blog and social media posts with your doodles. 

But - You are tired of clinging to the instructions you have learned in your course or book. 

You don’t feel like you have your own style! 

If you want to learn how to express your own personality through your drawings,  this course is for you. 

In this course, I'll explain the basic principles and teach you how to find and stay consistent in your style. 


If you also want to learn the basics of drawing - no problem! The self-study course "Illustrate your business", is included in the price -  with step-by-step instructions to draw your own illustrations, and a huge library of webinars about various topics.


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