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Simple Illustration on the iPad 
February 29th 2024, 8 PM CET - 2 PM EST - 11 AM PST

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Turn your scribbles into professional illustrations - even if you think you can't draw. 

Why draw?

  • It is easy to explain what you do 
  • Illustrations helps you stand out on social media.
  • Drawing helps you get clarity on your message.
  • It is fun.

If you'd like to draw but think you don't have talent, maybe you should try to draw on the iPad! 

Why draw on the iPad?

  • Looks pro, instantly. Drawing on paper feels nice, but when you take a photo of your drawing,it often looks yellowish and dark. This can spoil the prettiest drawing!
  • It is fast! Draw, export, post. Your drawings can make your brand pop online. Trust me. My simple illustrations have helped grow my following on Linkedin fro zero to 2500. I couldn't have done that without my iPad!
  • It has an Undo button. Do I need to say more?

What you need for the Workshop

  • I'll send you a prep-minicourse with detailed instructions to set you up.
  • my go-to list of what gear and what apps I use (free and paid)
  • You can send me requests what you want me to show!

What you will learn:

  • Playful mindset: Letting go of perfectionism is the biggest part of it
  • Simple illustration: If you can draw circles and rectangles, you can draw figures. I show you how. 
  • iPad Basics: Learn how to make your drawings pop. 

You can draw along and get started right away! 

Will there be a recording?

The workshop is free to attend. You can buy the recording as a part of my "illustration crash course" afterwards.


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Let’s make some drawing magic together. Sign up, bring your iPad, and let’s create visuals that tell your story, the fun way.

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Why learn from me?

Hi, I'm Ingrid Lill -  communication designer turned visual thinking enthusiast.

I have drawn all my life, but for the longest time, I didn't dare to use my drawings professionally.

Like many other entrepreneurs, I thought I had to focus on my bottom line, not fun drawings. Boy, was I wrong!

It changed my life when I discovered that drawing doesn't have to be "art" and that it can be easy AND USEFUL. I learned how to use simple sketches to gain clarity for my clients.

It brought more creativity, fun, and beauty to my business, and I'm making way more money than "before the pencil".

With my background as a communication designer and brand strategist I can help my clients tell their brand story - with or without illustrations. 

But now I am on a mission to show that for creative spirits, sketching isn't a luxury but a necessity.

So... Take up that pencil already!

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