Do you want to stand out on social media?

Illustrate your message - on the iPad

  Free workshop  

 Tuesday June 6th 
8 - 9 PM Copenhagen time



In this workshop, I show you how to turn simple scribbles into professional-looking illustrations that pop off the page.

I will share my process and the apps I use to churn out illustrations for my social media posts: Procreate, Sketches and my favourite: Concepts. 

If you prefer to draw on paper –  I have you covered, too: You can scan your drawing and add a bit of digital magic afterward. This way you get the best of both worlds!

quickie - rising heads-01 

Why learn from me?

Hi, I'm Ingrid Lill - communication designer and professional illustrator.

I have drawn all my life.  But it was first after I started doing graphic facilitation  for organisations that I embraced the "fast and fun" illustration style that I'm teaching now. I share all the most useful tricks that I have learned over the years.

Drawing has transformed my business. It helped me stand out and escape being a generalist graphic designer. Now my business is not only more fun, but also more lucrative. 

No matter if you are a total beginner, or you you just want to pick up the pencil (again) and learn a few tricks – I promise you that this class will be useful and a lot of fun!

This free workshop is the kick-off for the course "Sketching for Social" in the


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