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Zoom workshop on April 4th, 8 PM Copenhagen time

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Instant clarity through visual thinking!


Does this sound familiar: 

  • You have many (too many?) ideas
  • You don't know what to focus on
  • Creating content feels exhausting

If so, getting clear about your WHY would help. It is your north star, the purpose behind everything you do. 

Having a clear WHY is crucial to building a successful business. 

But it can be difficult it is to pin down, especially if your mind is overflowing with ideas!

I found a way to make it tangible and easy to see (literally). 

Find instant clarity about your mission.

When I sketch your brand story on paper, you can see your business from outside. 

It is a fun method that gives you

  • clarity about your brand message
  • clarity how to communicate with your ideal clients
  • clarity about your WHY 

And the best: As the "hero on a mission" who is pursuing your vision of a better world, you can stop marketing yourself and market your message instead. 

In the workshop, You can volunteer for the spotlight, or just watch and scribble along. 

Draw your dreams results kl

I thoroughly recommend attending a course, workshop, or just spending a little time with Ingrid. I have watched her untangle hot messes of really great ideas from super-smart people and arrive at insights that blow them away.
Cleo Huggins, Graphic designer

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Ingrid Lill – Business Coach With a Pencil

 I help coaches and consultants to create their brand. 

ich Pencil_hart.png

Hi, I'm Ingrid Lill, communication designer turned business coach. I'm running my business from a remodeled barn on the countryside in Denmark, a bit south of Copenhagen. 

As a designer and art director, I have designed countless logos corporate identities, websites and brochures for clients. I know a thing or two about visual communication - I even have an academic degree! 

Yet, I found it difficult to promote my own business. I took courses and read a lot about marketing - but I had too many ideas and couldn't decide what to focus on. 

Only when I sketched out my own business plan it clicked for me. 

I discovered that as a visual thinker  I need to SEE things before me to get clarity. This is how Business Storyboarding was born. 

Marketing can be fun!

Now I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs to use the power of simple sketches in their business. Creative people are often visual thinkers. Unfortunately we have learned  that drawing is "art" – and therefore irrelevant.

Drawing doesn't have to be art - it is communication. 

Let's take back our creative skills and use them for our business!  

You can see the work I'm doing for clients on