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Do you know which way to go with your biz?

or are you... 

- overwhelmed with countless ideas
- unsure about what to focus on
- feeling that your content is too generic

If that sounds like you, it's time to uncover your WHY – your guiding star and the purpose that drives everything you do.

Having a clear point of view is essential for building a thriving business. But let's face it, sometimes it's tough to pinpoint, especially when your mind is overflowing with ideas!

That's where I come in.

I found a way to make it tangible and easy to see (literally). 

Find instant clarity about your mission.

When I sketch your brand story on paper, you can see your business from outside. 

It is a fun and enjoyable way to give you

  • clarity about your brand message
  • clarity how to communicate with your ideal clients
  • clarity about your WHY 

The best part?

As the "hero on a mission", you can stop marketing yourself and market your message instead. 

Join  the workshop and volunteer for the spotlight, or just watch and doodle along. 

Draw your dreams results kl

I thoroughly recommend attending a course, workshop, or just spending a little time with Ingrid. I have watched her untangle hot messes of really great ideas from super-smart people and arrive at insights that blow them away.
Cleo Huggins, Graphic designer

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Ingrid Lill – Business Coach With a Pencil

 I help coaches and consultants to create their brand. 

ich Pencil_hart.png

Hi, I'm Ingrid Lill, communication designer turned business coach. working from a remodeled barn in the Danish countryside, just south of Copenhagen. 

With a background in design and art direction, I've created numerous logos, corporate identities, websites, and brochures for clients. I even have an academic degree in visual communication.

Yet, marketing my own business used to be a struggle. I enrolled in courses and read about marketing, but I was swamped with ideas and couldn't decide where to focus.. 

Everything changed when I sketched out my own business plan. It clicked for me: I'm a visual thinker! 

I need to SEE things before me to get clarity. This is how Business Storyboarding was born. 

Marketing can be fun!

Now I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs to use the power of simple sketches in their business. Creative people are often visual thinkers. Unfortunately we have learned  that drawing is "art" – and therefore irrelevant.

Drawing doesn't have to be art - it is communication. 

Let's take back our creative skills and use them for our business!  

You can see the work I'm doing for clients on