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Are you an entrepreneur with brilliant ideas, but struggling to focus?

And you think you can't narrow down because you just have too many skills and interests! 

I've been there - as a creative, I understand how easily you can get lost in ideas. It all changed when I discovered that I'm a visual thinker, and I need to SEE things in order to connect the dots. 

That's why I created the Big Picture Process - using visual maps to help entrepreneurs like you channel your gifts, so you can build your beautiful business.

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When you have all the elements of the Big Picture Process in place, your business will finally work as you want it to. I'm going to reveal this process  in my free online workshop

You will discover:

  • How the pieces of your brand fit together This will help you to sort your ideas into a bigger picture
  • We'll draw your brand-in-a-nutshell portrait I'll show you how you can quickly and easily create a charming about-me image that ALSO helps you to become clear about your message.


  • Spotlight sessions: Witness the process in action as I work with a volunteer to map out their ideas in real-time.

Working with Ingrid is a precious gift! Seeing the big picture of my work on paper, showing how it is connected with my own story, makes everything easy, joyful, and light.  

Ingrid's beautiful method saves you hours, weeks if not months of your time. I cannot recommend her enough!

Ilona Bublitz, coach and yoga teacher

You'll be shocked by how much clarity simple doodles can provide.

This isn't about art - but it's a playful way to cultivate your creativity and get unstuck.

Join me on September 5th from 8-9:30 PM CEST for a fun, interactive session all about exploring your gifts through simple sketches. 

Let's bring your ideas to life, so you can build your beautiful business

I thoroughly recommend attending a course, workshop, or just spending a little time with Ingrid. I have watched her untangle hot messes of really great ideas from super-smart people and arrive at insights that blow them away.

Cleo Huggins, Graphic designer

Why learn from me?

ich Pencil_hart.png

Hi, I'm Ingrid Lill – communication designer turned visual thinking enthusiast.

I struggled to market my own business until I started sketching out my ideas. It was an aha moment - I'm a visual thinker!

Now I help entrepreneurs clarify their business by mapping it out visually using my Big Picture Process.

My background is in visual communication and branding. I'm on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs embrace sketching, not as art, but as a powerful business tool for clarity and focus.

You can see examples of my  work at

Let's take back our creative skills and use them for our business!